The Moneyberg

Finding financial wealth beneath surface knowledge

Finally answers and assistance for you to reach all of your money goals. You don’t have to struggle financially. You don’t have to suffer alone. You haven’t missed your chance. Let’s start building your dream life today.

What did you learn about money in your lifetime?

*Money doesn’t grow on trees.
*You have to work long and hard at a job you don’t like to one day retire.
*Rich people are greedy.
*Investing in the stock market is too risky.
*You need a financial planner to properly manage finances, but only rich people can afford them.
*Loving money is evil.

What if I told you MOST of what you learned was all wrong?

Do you regularly discuss MONEY with friends and family? Or is it a struggle to have those conversations? We all need money and to be honest we WANT money too. We were just taught to pretend like we don’t because it is unnatural and wrong to want to enjoy the idea of having MONEY!!!

What are the results of not talking about money?

*Uncontrollable debt.
*Poor Credit.
*Being underpaid and overworked.
*Living paycheck to paycheck.
*Retiring later than you would hope and living on a low FIXED INCOME.
*Leaving money on the table.

Are you experiencing the effects of your misleading beliefs? Are you struggling due to the lack of MONEY?

TODAY is the day that all ends. TODAY you have an ally. TODAY you get to talk about, learn about, and be about MONEY. My name is Brie Hilson and I am here to help you live the life of your dreams.


Just an encourager, an educator, and a concerned citizen. The idea for this website came to me several years ago. I wanted to help women become and be more financially educated. I don’t know why that has always been a passion of mine. But every dream that I have had for my life has been…