I had a dream that you needed me. It may sound presumptuous but you were there. You had a journey to go on and I was dragging my feet to get to you. I was afraid and nervous that I was leaving something behind. I wasn’t sure if you would even want me to be there. But, you waited and waited because your journey couldn’t even start until I was on the plane.


Well, I thank you for waiting for me and I know this journey is going to be FUN and FABULOUS!

If you are here and wondering where we are going, we are journeying to your financial future of stability and peace. We are going to build a financial knowledge base that will help you to build wealth for you, your family, community, and whomever else you decide to shower financial blessings upon (in other words, MAKE IT RAIN, GIRL). You are here to change your MINDSET about money, find MOTIVATION to build wealth, gain MOMENTUM in your efforts and ultimately see MONEY MANIFEST in your life in ways you have never imagined.

But listen, this journey is not about the money. It’s about the peace and security you will get from having the money to provide for your needs and fulfill your desires. We will take the time to dismantle your limiting beliefs about money, change your money story, and show you ways to make those new stories come true.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!