The Moneyberg

In my past, I have understood so little about finances and building wealth. It has been my own person iceberg. (And if you know me personally places where icebergs are found are not places where I would be found.) Which makes this even more of a stunning analogy for what I am about to discuss with you today.

Finances were just something in my life. I knew that people on earth need money to cropped-burgenjoy living. As a young girl, I learned that you get money from having a job, or sometimes people give it to you, or you could win the lottery. You should also probably save it for things you want later. There was not much more than that to know about money. No one really discussed the system of money and how it flows in and out of households and my own personal pockets.

As I grew older I started hearing things about money that I guess you could say I ignored. Like I should really save my money. I should have an emergency fund. Cash is better than credit. Having ignored most of those, I ended up having a really amazing job, my own home, a car and a whole lot of debt. Hmm… I guess I should have listened. Well, since I was in debt it was time to try something else. Make more money. Have multiple streams of income. I was the queen of telling people to bring more money in. So I got into network marketing. (I still am if any of you are looking for another stream of income. 😉 So, I got pretty good with sharing my business and the business model. I moved up a few levels in my companies. The problem was it wasn’t translating into having more cash or paying off debt. Why? Well because I had only scratched the surface of the understanding of money.

Many of us get very basic training on how to utilize money. Work for it, save it, have a little fun (emphasize little). Get old too old to work and use what’s left and get some government support. Oh, and those who have a lot of it are usually greedy and insensitive. This is just what I gleaned from watching people around me. I wasn’t taught financial literacy in school however, I did learn to use checks and balance a checkbook (which I never do). But I didn’t know many people in my life who really knew how to manage money to the point of building true wealth. Most had a surface knowledge and had no idea how much more information was lying just underneath the surface.

But I had an interest. I knew that there had to be a way for me to build the kind of wealth that allows people to care for their parents and buy new cars for their kids. I knew there are opportunities out there that would allow me to set up trust funds for my family and leave a legacy that left them in better shape than where I had gotten to. So I had to start looking beneath the surface. What I saw was massive just like the picture above. Just seeing it was overwhelming. I mean where do you start when you realize how big your next venture truly is?

You start with your mindset. There is truly a lot to learn about money and wealth; but, understanding that fact alone will help you to navigate your way to the right path. Navigating a path will keep you from a Titanic crash. No matter what age you are once you know what you are facing you can find a way to face it intelligently, save yourself, and achieve great things. If you have not achieved the type of wealth you dream about you must begin to realize that all that you know is just the tip of the iceberg.

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