Mindset Matters

Apartments.com has the slogan “Change your apartment, change the world.” The slogan implies that when you live somewhere else your world changes. That is so true in your mind as well. When you change what you focus on in your mind, you will change what you experience in your life.

My best friend tells a story about an interaction she and I once had. I honestly don’t remember it but she sometimes repeats the story back to me for my own encouragement. I guess several years ago when she was going through a rough patch in life she started telling me all of her woes. I’m guessing she must have been venting pretty hard about what she had to deal with. But when she concluded her rant I apparently said to her, “maybe you should change the story you are telling yourself.” Even my mind is blown that I said that. But nevertheless, there is so much truth in that statement. So many times we rehearse all the negative in our lives that it becomes normal to experience it regularly. But when we choose to tell ourselves a new story, we open up to the possibilities of a new life.

The key to making changes to your financial future is improving your mindset around wealth and money. If you do not have a positive mindset about money you will end up in one of two scenarios. You could end up having loads and loads of money and losing it all due to poor habits. Or you will be broke because you do not believe you can have money and therefore employ no strategies to help you make money. That is why developing your wealthy mindset is key.

What is a Wealthy Mindset

It is a common misconception that in only people with money have a wealthy mindset. The fact is in order to be wealthy you must first believe that you are wealthy. If you believe that you are wealthy then you must start functioning as if you are wealthy. You must learn wealth secrets and turn them into habits. The amount of money you have is in direct correlation with the amount of money you believe you can have.

A wealthy mindset is one that takes into consideration the fundamentals of what it means to be wealthy and puts into regular practice the strategies that other wealthy people use to create and maintain wealth.

Why it is IMPORTANT to have a Positive Mindset About Building Wealth

When it comes to building wealth you must align yourself with the principles of wealth. I cannot stress enough the importance of daily mindset practices that promote a wealthy lifestyle. What many people may not realize is that wealth is merely an energetic experience. Yes, The Secret is real. Manifesting money is possible. There is a real element of faith associated with creating wealth and if you don’t believe that or that you can create wealth then you might as well end this journey here. Don’t read anything else. Believing will always equal seeing. Seeing is always tainted by the lens of belief. So work daily to start thinking positively not only about wealth but your success in building wealth.

Then get everyone close to you on the same page. Begin the work with your spouse if you are married and even your kids. There is strength in numbers. When everyone believes in the end goal they are more apt to help you work towards it or even join in the efforts. Its just like if you were to go on a diet. In order for it to work you need the support of your family and those around you. A supportive family will work with you to make your goals a reality and when one person benefits the whole clan benefits especially when it comes to finances.

How To Develop a Wealthy Mindset

Step one is to create the vision. The hardest part for many people is they can’t see their way out of where they are. If you are living paycheck to paycheck you usually don’t take much time to think about what you actually want for your life. Most of us don’t take the time to have a vision of the future we would like for ourselves because we are so busy watching life happen right in front of us.

Well, today I encourage you to stop, find a quiet space, and close your eyes and start to dream. What does your ideal day look like? How much money can you imagine bringing home on a monthly basis? What would you like to be doing to bring in income at home? Give yourself just 5 minutes at first. Five minutes to envision your wealthy lifestyle. Then get a notebook and jot down all the things that your mind came up with. Every couple of days give yourself the space and time to repeat this exercise. Work up to a daily visualization practice and/or regular scripting.

Knowing what you are working towards makes the journey that much more feasible. It allows you to set goals and to measurably know when you have become what you see in your mind. When you know what you want it is time to start the practice of reciting affirmations to yourself. Take a moment to craft 3 statements about your wealth in the positive present. For example,

I am a millionaire who enjoys vacationing on yachts around the world.

The only person who can tell you you can’t is you. So write them down and revisit them on a daily basis.

Finally, after visualization and affirmation practice it is time to start reinforcing your mindset work with resources that continue to uplift you and help you to stay positive. Invest in books or maybe create a few playlists on Youtube or Spotify of topics that help you to reinforce your positive and wealthy mindset.


Hopefully, you see now why your mindset is so important to your wealth journey. It is truly the catalyst for getting everything to fall in place for you. Many of us spend way too much time focused on negative mindsets that keep us from truly reaching the potential that we are born with. It’s time for you to make the adjustment to changing your mindset and changing your life.

In the comments below, tell me what you may have struggled with when it comes to mindset. Do you have any best practices for staying positive about money? I’d love to hear from you.

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