Can This Really Be Done?

I read this book over the weekend. It was about blogging and I realized that maybe I have this blogging thing all wrong. I know what I want for people connected to me but I don’t know if you know why I want that you and me for that matter. See I have watched too many women end up in a trap that they cannot get themselves out of. It’s heartbreaking and I am a firm believer that we as women need to take more of a stance to help ourselves.

If you have seen any of my other blogs on other platforms, they always start and restart at the same place with me trying to reinvent myself. Trying to figure out how to get from where I am to what I want. I try to track the progress and then get derailed. I suppose I need a bit more stamina. But as I was rebuilding my credit and getting my financial house together this time I started to come in contact with so many stories and wondered are they preventable.

Stories like Danni a recent divorce, who had to move her three children back home with her mom and is unsure of if and when she can get a place of her own. Or Frances, who lost her husband, is running low on funds and upside down in house payments but unsure of how to live a more comfortable lifestyle. Then there is Elaine, a single mom with two kids working her job and trying out various side hustles to make more money by often riding a financial roller coaster just to try to gain some stability.

All these women and more are just like me. We watch other people find their way to freedom, but something just didn’t stick. We needed more support than a blog or a video. We have consumed so much that we are informational experts at building wealth and pursuing our dream. If we could only turn that expertise into reality. See what I really wanted was to form a support group for people who just needed that accountability to keep it up and achieve those dreams they keep seeing in their heads. I wanted to provide a forum that allowed people the option to get personal about where they are at and really work towards where they want to go. Maybe even partner up to make bigger dreams happen.

I have the framework all built. I just need to open the doors. If you are sick and tired of just existing. If you want more from your life and your finances keep hindering you then maybe what I have available is for you. I am just looking for my tribe. If you are with me or want to be please fill out the Join My Tribe form below.

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