Facts and Fantasy

When considering this week’s topic I really wanted to find the best way to approach what steps to take in order to harness one’s financial future. There are many sources out there that want you to start with your ideas and mindset, while others focus on the facts of where you are at currently in your financial life.

Well, there is a need for both but in perspective. First, you do want to work on your mindset. You need to really take time to dream about what it is that you want for your life. Many of us live day to day without really considering our dreams. We can make vision boards which seem to work so well for those on YouTube and Oprah, but don’t seem to manifest for the rest of us. We can daydream and hope for the best but there are some keys to mindset building that many of us neglect.

#1 Dream in color

What I mean by this is start to dream more specifically. If you want to travel then where and when do you want to travel? How much would you like to do and spend when you travel? Who is coming with you when you travel? Are you paying for them? If you want a new house, then where is the house? What features and amenities does it have? What is the price range you want to spend?

Your mindset and focus should be specific. Regardless of what you want it is all possible. But the question is what do you actually want? Many of us don’t believe that we can experience what we fantasize about so we don’t take time to indulge in fantasizing. Mentally it seems like a waste of time. But what if it wasn’t? What does your life look like in your fantasy? When you begin to see that clearly write it down. Take notes on what it feels like to be in that fantasy.

#2 Don’t doubt

Once you begin to dream, now you must believe in your dream. The fact is that anything we dream is actually possible. Look at anyone who has achieved something in our society. It started with a dream, fantasy, or vision and the faith that it was possible. You are no different than others who have achieved goals. You are just as special and capable. Your desires are no less worthy than anyone else’s and it is never too late to get what you want.

When you have the basics of your mindset achieved it is time to come back to reality and focus on a few things there as well.

#1 Face the Facts

Often times when we truly desire something in life we hope that it would just fall into our laps. If we take the time to dream, we sometimes don’t move past the dream phase to make things happen in our reality. For example, many people desire to have more money in their lives. They live paycheck to paycheck. They are perpetually broke and financially unstable. But if you took a moment to put on paper how much money they brought in and where they were putting it, it might reveal that they had access to much more financial resources than they really knew.

Facing the facts also allows us to have a benchmark of our current situation so that we know whether or not we have achieved the dreams and goals we have set for ourselves.

#2 Don’t Believe

When you begin to look at the facts of your scenario it is important that you don’t have any ties to where you are at. That is just a starting point. Don’t believe that you are incapable of doing, being or having more if that is what you truly desire. Looking at your current financial picture should only give you fuel to understand what it would take to get you closer to your dreams.

It’s time we all take a look at our facts and turn them into our fantasies. For more info on how to do that stay tuned.




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