I recently read a book called Rule #1. It is a book by Phil Town and I loved it. The book really outlined and describeRule1d stock purchasing in a way that I could understand. So when he offered the chance to take a free weekend class in ATL. I jumped at the chance. I even took my daughter down with me. I internally felt like it was a scam and that they would try to sell me something afterwards but I just couldn’t pass up the chance to get more knowledge about this way of making money.

The weekend was amazing. I met some really great people. Not only did we get direct training from Phil and other successful investors,  but the room was lined with coaches that were helping us to grasp the concepts after every new topic. It was truly an amazing weekend. And guess what they did not try to sell us anything. Now that was a shocker to me. So I made sure to get two autographed copies of his books.

I came home excited and armed with knowledge. I knew what I needed to do to practice and I had the steps I need to take for the next 14 days. But of course, as you can guess, I did nothing. I read a few chapters of some recommended books and I listened to his podcast (InvestED if you are interested). But actual investing, well sad to say I hadn’t done anything.

Three months later I realized. That I could have the income I wanted and the experiences I had heard about if I would only DO SOMETHING. So I opened some new investment accounts and funded one of them. And then I just let it sit. Well, that’s just as bad as having your money in a bank account (which we will talk about in a later post). It doesn’t take much to make money but SOME effort must be made. So I decide to actually invest. I used some of my knowledge that I had gained from the books, classes, and videos that I’ve watched to pick my first stocks. And guess what?? Yes, my money is already earning money.

Listen, I know trying new things and earning money in new ways is somewhat scary. It can be paralyzing. But If you don’t do anything, then your situation cannot change. It is time to stop considering what you could do and actually do something. It’s time to take full responsibility for your experience in life and DO SOMETHING that will result in you securing the future that you desire. 

If you are ready to do something about your financial future contact me today for your free 30 minute coaching call. 

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